Friday, 24 August 2012

Map of Atlantis 1

Now published - The Secret Empire - Atlantea Discovered is now available from this link:- The Secret Empire in all formats.
Below is a draft of Christine's hand-drawn map of the main island of Atlantea, showing the Port of Atlantis and the industrial city of Reinhart.
Please comment on the map - do you like it? Is a map the kind of thing you would like to have with your ebook on your Kobo or Kindle or iPad?

A second map of the whole archipelago of Atlantea is being drawn now. Of course it includes some active volcanos and many islands.
AJ Burton and Christine are also working on book two: Escape from Atlantis -the adventures of Klaus Meinbach and Helena of Delphi as they try to elude their enemies from Atlantis.


  1. I love maps anyway - and I like that this looks, crudely, like a brain! But I'm not sure how it would work on a kindle - but maybe that's because I haven't got the hang of bookmarking a page (it must be possible, surely?)

    1. Thanks Jo, I've always adored books with maps. Much more fun when the author provides a map to mull over. So it's my job to draw them now. I had not noticed it was like a brain but - its true!