Sunday, 20 May 2012


Atlantea Soulmates 1: The Secret Empire 

a Steam Punk Adventure Romance  


Klaus Meinbach is the young captain of the steam powered warship, the Heiglund. He patrols the shores of the secretive empire of Atlantea, an empire in the Mediterranean that flourished during the bronze over 5000 years ago. His mission is to keep his Empires territorial waters free from prying eyes and trading ships blown off course.
               A Greek merchant ship transporting Helena a young priestess of Apollo to a royal wedding is caught in a violent storm and blown into the dangerous waters of the Empire. A strange set of circumstances throws these two unmatched people together. Helena is taken to the wondrous Steam Punk city of Atlantis her - fate in the hands of her handsome captor.
               Together they endure many hardships and tribulations encountering strange beasts, pirates and the legal arm of the Department of Genetic Purity, each adventure leads them both to their inevitable quest to escape from the greatest city in the world ATLANTIS!

For general reading - all ages and interests. PG13 rating!
Think: The Golden Compass; Tarzan of the Apes; Journey to the Centre of the Earth etc

To be published soon! 
By Christine Leov Lealand and A J Burton.
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